These slide sets listed below may be useful if you’re bored, or they might be very useful if you are a resident and you need slides to teach students. This most useful and most up-to-date ones are listed first.

Overview of Abnormal ObstetricsElizabeth Pryor, MD
Howard Herrell, MD
Abnormal Uterine BleedingHoward Herrell, MD
Shoulder DystociaHoward Herrell, MD
Vaginal Hysterectomy Video ( Tanner, MD,
Howard Herrell, MD
Chemotherapy in a Gyn Oncology ContextStuart Winkler, MD
Vaginal Hysterectomy Made Incredibly EasyHoward Herrell, MD
Impact of Progesterone on Preterm BirthHoward Herrell, MD
Adolescent GynecologyHoward Herrell, MD
Cesarean Part 1: History and TechniqueClaire Hoverman, MD
Cesarean Part 2: How to Stop the Explosive RiseHoward Herrell, MD
Diabetes in PregnancyHoward Herrell, MD
OB Potpourri 1.0Howard Herrell, MD
OB Potpourri 2.0Howard Herrell, MD
Hypertensive Disorders in PregnancyHoward Herrell, MD
The Female ExamHoward Herrell, MD
Female Birth ControlHoward Herrell, MD
Pelvic PainHoward Herrell, MD
Cervical Cancer PreventionHoward Herrell, MD
Adolescent GynecologyHoward Herrell, MD
Chronic Medical Complications in PregnancyHoward Herrell, MD
Surgical InstrumentsBrooke Foulk, MD,
Howard Herrel, MD
Gestational Trophoblastic DiseaseBrooke Foulk, MD,
Howard Herrell, MD
AmenorrheaHoward Herrell, MD
Laparoscopic AnatomyHoward Herrell, MD, Brooke Foulk, MD, Frederick Jelovsek, MD
Laparoscopic Entry TechniquesHoward Herrell, MD
Congenital Adrenal HyperplasiaRayan Elkattah, MD
Cognitive Errors in MedicineHoward Herrell, MD
An Apology for ObstetricsHoward Herrell, MD
Abdominal Wall DefectsBrooke Foulk, MD,
Howard Herrell, MD
3D Gyn UltrasoundHoward Herrell, MD,
Norman Assad, MD
Ectopic Pregnancy/AbortionMeredith Bolton, MD
StillbirthHoward Herrell, MD
Global Women's Health IssuesHoward Herrell, MD
The Resident as TeacherHoward Herrell, MD
Growth AbnormalitiesJessica DeMay, MD
Connective Tissue DisordersMeg Varvoutis, MD
Collagen Vascular DiseasesHoward Herrell, MD
Hepatic Dysfunction in PregnancyHoward Herrell, MD